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SmartBiz Ltd
3 Tapu Rd, Huapai, Auckland
New Zealand
Smartbiz Ltd
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For friendly, professional
Bookkeeping & Office Services
Our services include:
Bank reconciliation
GST/PAYE returns
Secretarial services
Clerical services
Office administration

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q How does SmartBiz work?
You have the option of bringing your bookkeeping and office work to us or we can work at your office. We do anything from preparing GST returns to answering telephones. We can visit you 5 days a week or only one day a month – you decide.
Q  We're based in Glenfield - can you help us?
A Yes. We service the Northshore from Glenfield to Albany as well as West Auckland to Helensville.
Q Why should I use a bookkeeper instead of my accountant?
Your accountant normally only sees your books once a year unless they prepare your GST returns. A bookkeeper is constantly in touch with the day to day running of your business and can provide on the spot assistance. You will always have up to date financial records and a clear picture of where your business is heading. This makes it easier for you and your accountant to make the important financial decisions. When your year-end accounts are presented to your accountant they will be clear and accurate making their job easier.
Q Are you qualified accountants?
No, we are experienced bookkeepers. We process your day to day paperwork such as payroll, accounts payable, invoicing and completing GST/PAYE returns. We work with your accountant who is the qualified tax expert and can provide specialist advice.
Q What do you charge?
Basically our charges are time related. Each business has its own needs. We discuss this during our initial free consultation. We then submit to you our proposal outlining the services we will provide and what it will cost.
Q Do we have to commit to a fixed number of hours per week/month?
No. There is no monthly charge unless there is work to do requested by you. The time we spend on your business is dependant on the workload and this is likely to vary from month to month.
Q Is my business too small for your services?
Absolutely not. We specialise in small to medium size businesses as they generally do not have enough work to employ a full-time bookkeeper.
Q How do I know my financial information is kept confidential?
We are only too happy to sign a confidentiality agreement of which we are able to supply for you. Your confidentiality is assured in all aspects of our work.
Q Currently we do our own bookkeeping but want to know that we are doing it right. Can you help?
We are very happy to provide some onsite training if you feel you just need to brush up on your skills. All you need to do is give us a call on (09)412 5533 and book a time.
Q Will my accountants bill be smaller?
If your accountant is currently processing your data entry, bank, GST and PAYE reconciliations, you should expect to see a reduction in the cost as all this work will already have been done.
Q What software programs do you use?
We are familiar with most small/medium business accounting software including NZA Gold, EasyBooks and MYOB but predominenty we use Xero.